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Skriptonit Polozhenie [Instrumental] ((FULL))

Sergio Valentino's "Drive Forever" is a 2020 instrumental remix of the 2017 song "Polozhenie" by Skryptonite that gained viral popularity in summer 2021 through use in Sigma Grindset memes. A Slowed + Reverb version of "Polozhenie" by DIOR, Samo & ID, a rap song using the same beat, has also been used in the memes. While multiple fan remixes of the beat exist, "Drive Forever (xakavir Remix)" by Sergio Valentino was the first version to achieve meme popularization. The melody is often referred to as the Sigma Male Theme Song.

Skriptonit Polozhenie [Instrumental]

On September 27th, 2020, German music producer Sergio Valentino released an instrumental remix of the beat as "Drive Forever" (shown below, left), posting it to YouTube[5] On December 31st, Turkish artist Xakavir, also known as XKVR, uploaded a remixed version of the song to Spotify,[6] with the remix gaining over 12 million streams in nine months. On January 9th, 2021, Sergio Valentino uploaded the remix to his YouTube[7] channel, where it received over 3.1 million views prior to being taken down due to a copyright violation (reupload[8] shown below, right). 041b061a72


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