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in a movie thats painfully overwrought with barely-baked exposition, universalist platitudes, and a torrent of generic affirmations, the cryptic and scary lead-up to the climax comes as a welcome relief; the only effective portion of the movie. the truly weirder a wrinkle in time gets, the better it gets. too bad it fails to shut up or back off long enough to embrace such weirdness for longer than twenty or so minutes.

so, that is the first reason. and the second reason is that there is a hollywood sports movie in the making for the next few months, and it is titled thor 2 and will star chris hemsworth as thor and natalie portman as jane foster, who discovers that she has a unique set of talents that will make her a force to be reckoned with in the marvel universe. this movie will be based on the comics series thor which has been published since 1982. so, once again the movie will retell the origin of the character and, if possible, go on to make more money than the first movie. (continue reading)

well, weve got the dark world coming out in a couple of months, so i thought it was a good time to go and watch the first film, thor, because it was also the first marvel movie i saw in the cinema, and i really enjoyed it. i hope youve enjoyed this review, and please feel free to leave a comment.

all of these films, as well as the green lantern suffer from having a couple of main characters (green lantern and thor). in the dark knight and the avengers this isn't too much of a problem. batman and iron man are iconic and would be recognised by most fans. in the case of thor and green lantern however, they are secondary characters and would need to be a very well established character before the audience would recognise them. i think this leads to the problem of the films having a very hollow and generic feel. the films are mostly about the two main characters and nothing else. 3d9ccd7d82


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