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Warframe: Mod Drop Chance Boosters Are Stinky [HOT]

Fetid Baghnakhs are a Hardmode melee weapon with a short range, but an exceptionally low use time (in other words, an exceptionally high attack speed). They have a 20% chance of being dropped by Crimson Mimics.

Warframe: Mod Drop Chance Boosters Are Stinky

However, Mayhem Mode changes this, as it will bring all the chests up to your level along with all other loot and enemies in the region. With Red Chests, you can re-open them each time you quit the game and start anew, while Typhon Dead Drops can only be looted once - so make sure you think hard about when you want to open these. If you miss your chance to get the best loot for your level, come back once you've beaten the game to unlock the other dead drops with Mayhem Mode enabled.

New Resource: Lua Thrax PlasmA unique variant of Thrax Plasm harvested during Void Conjunctions on Lua (guaranteed Lua Thrax Plasm rotation reward on both Yuvarium and Circulus nodes) and 30% chance for 1x to drop from new Thrax variants.

Bolstered by the first part finally dropping, I went ahead to crack open some Intact Neo K2 relics (25% chance for the Chroma Prime Blueprint itself), assuming that this would be the easiest part to obtain.

Improving the drop rate means upgrading with a Void Traces currency (which itself must be farmed by opening other relics). The best chance one can get for those two parts is 10%, which costs a fairly hefty amount of 100 Void Traces to bring it to Radiant.

Also, I had hoped that maybe another player might have some to improve my chances, but it apparently was a revolving door of some players deciding to drop after checking out the party and probably what relics were on offer.

Some wiki reading and a failed solo Excavation attempt later, I settled on solo Survival missions for a 7 or 8% chance to drop what I wanted, and level up the new weapons at the same time. After some testing with Tier 1 and Tier 2, I eventually found a comfortable Tier 1 Dark Sector in Venus/Malva that had Infested that beelined straight for you, making Survival a lot easier than having to chase down other faction mobs.

Once the processor is picked up, the Tenno carrying the processor must gather 10 grokdrul. Grokdrul drums scattered around the camp can reward up to 5 grokdrul when destroyed, and enemies killed by the Tenno with the processor have an increased chance to drop 1 grokdrul. Resource boosters will increase the amount of grokdrul gathered, and thus accelerate the collection process.


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