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Yellowjackets Season 1 - Episode 3

The two get martinis, and Shauna obsessively watches the door for her husband. She finally sees him exit with a blond woman who must be Bianca. The episode ends with Shauna and Adam going into a hotel room together.

Yellowjackets Season 1 - Episode 3

Sadie and I both watch the episode at midnight Sunday AM, then we read your recaps on Monday, then we rewatch it! Your recaps and the way you are tying it all together make this whole watching experience just a fucking treat. Thank you, Kayla!

Yellowjackets episode 3 ends with a series of major twists that deepen the mysteries in both the past and the present. Most notably, the episode's final minutes show that Travis, one of the few survivors of the fated plane crash, is dead, and that there may have been foul play. This, along with other strange events at the end of the episode, suggest that there may be more sinister elements of the girls' experiences than were previously hinted at.

Like previous episodes, Yellowjackets episode 3 and its cast of actors weave together the story of a girls' soccer team abandoned in the mountains after a plane crash, and the lives of the present-day survivors of the crash. In 1996, the girls decide to abandon the crash site, finding a lake and a seemingly abandoned cabin. In the present day, Cristina Ricci's Misty and Julliette Lewis's Nat go on a road trip trying to hunt down Travis, while Ty deals with attack ads and her son's unexplained rage, while Shauna's flirtation with the mysterious Adam goes to the next level.

One of the most pivotal events in Yellowjackets episode 3 is when Nat and Misty find Travis's body hanging from a barn. This is far from the first death the Yellowjackets have suffered, but it still has a strong effect on the two women. While the appearance suggests that Travis killed himself, Nat has an intuition that someone murdered him. Misty also finds a notebook in Travis's house reading "Tell Nat she was right", evidently about a subject they had discussed earlier.

Yellowjackets episode 3 also sees Shauna following up on her suspicions of her husband Jeff. After noting an unfamiliar name on his phone in the previous episode, Shauna follows Jeff to a hotel, where she bumps into Adam, the mechanic who she had a minor collision with in Yellowjackets episode 1. Shauna and Adam share a meal, and end up getting a hotel room, presumably to have an affair of their own.

Like Shauna, Taissa's plot in Yellowjackets episode 3 is seemingly more domestic and smaller in scope, but may also have hints to the show's larger mystery. Ty's political opponent runs an attack ad referring to her as "cannibalizing" political funds, a clear reference to the rumors that circulate about what happened when the Yellowjackets were stranded for a year. When a child repeats the rumor, Ty's son Sammy attacks him, and is unapologetic afterwards. The sudden change in Sammy's personality could also be related to the present-day mystery surrounding the plane crash survivors.

In past episodes, Sammy has seen a mysterious figure watching him through the window. It could be the influence of this experience, and the fact that his parents don't believe him, that is causing Sammy to lash out. If there is a broader conspiracy to monitor and possibly target the former Yellowjackets soccer players, then the watcher is probably part of it. The final moments of the episode cut together three different traumatic moments in Taissa's life: the death of her grandmother as a young girl, the discovery of a dead body in the cabin attic as a teenager, and finding Sammy's doll shattered as an adult. While the latter may not seem to have as much impact, it represents the shattering of the idyllic domestic world that Ty has worked so hard to build after the crash.

There aren't a lot of clues as to the identity of the dead body. It could simply be the owner of the cabin who passed away due to illness or old age. This would explain why the cabin appeared as if it was abandoned partway through a stay, with food left out to spoil. However, there have also been indications that something sinister was happening in the area even before the plane crash. In episode 2, a symbol later connected with the cult the Yellowjackets formed was seen carved into a tree, suggesting it was there before the crash. The same symbol is visible on the floorboards of the attic. The dead body may be another piece in the mystery of the woods.

The first episode of Yellowjackets presented a frightening but seemingly straightforward narrative, of a plane crash that lead to insanity and self-destruction, and the survivors trying to move on with their lives decades later. However, the twists at the end of Yellowjackets episode 3 come together to suggest that there may be a larger conspiracy involving the plane crash and its survivors in both the past and the present.

The series premiered on Showtime on November 14, 2021. It received critical acclaim for its story and cast performances. Its accolades include seven Primetime Emmy Award nominations, including Outstanding Drama Series and acting nominations for Lynskey and Ricci. In December 2021, the series was renewed for a second season, which premiered on March 26, 2023.[4] In December 2022, the series was renewed for a third season.[5]

Lyle and Nickerson pitched the series with a 35-minute presentation, which included talks about the first season's ending and a five-season storyline. The series was originally going to take place in the 1970s and the 1990s, but both time periods were moved twenty years forward to make the setting more familiar to viewers.[31] Nickerson said the use of two timelines allowed for the studying of interpersonal dynamics and how trauma can affect a person's life.[32] HBO was a contender to purchase the series but ultimately rejected it, in part due to its similarities with Euphoria, one of its own properties.[28] Lyle says the smartest question she heard during the pre-production phase was from HBO's Francesca Orsi and David Levine, who asked, "What are you trying to say with this show?" In his answer, Nickerson said the show was going to deconstruct the "organizing principles of a society". Yellowjackets was eventually sold to The Mark Gordon Company, a production company owned by Entertainment One. The project was then pitched to Gary Levine, president of entertainment for Showtime Networks, who was immediately on board.[31] On May 9, 2018, Showtime announced it had acquired the rights to the series.[33]

On December 16, 2021, after the first five episodes aired, the series was renewed for a second season. Levine said they had "not heard the pitch for season 2, the writers' room has not even come together yet, they are going to come together in January. I'm sure Ashley, Bart, and Jonathan have some loose ideas but they hadn't fleshed out their ideas and they certainly haven't conveyed them to us."[35] On February 9, 2022, Levine said the creators had "always given us hints about things to come, but we haven't done a long-range plan. We wanted to make the first season count. We've all buried ourselves in that first season and worked hard to make it the success it was. They [last week] went into the writer's room and with Jonathan Lisco to start to unearth what can happen in season two. I love that they have some general idea of a five-year arc, but we take it one season at a time and get very granular about making it satisfying."[36] By May 2022, the writers were "just getting started on the actual scripts."[37] On December 15, 2022, three months before the premiere of the second season, Showtime renewed the series for a third season.[5]

The pilot episode was not written with any actresses in mind and auditions were held in Los Angeles. "We decided pretty early on we weren't going to get overly focused on a physical match," Lyle mentioned. As a result, some cast members had to dye their hair and wear contact lenses to match the physical characteristics of their counterparts.[32] Melanie Lynskey was the first person to join the cast. Lyle said the role of Shauna was "the trickiest to cast" because they "wanted to find an actress who could embody somebody who is really trying to figure out who they are, which is kind of a tricky internal thing to express through her acting." Lynskey questioned the showrunners and extracted as much information as she could about her character's past and the five-season storyline to improve her performance.[38][39][40] For the role of Natalie, Nickerson said they searched for "someone who was really free-spirited and unique who could play both a sort of wildness and a vulnerability." Though most of the auditions were held in-person, Sophie Thatcher submitted a self-recorded audition tape and was cast as Natalie before Juliette Lewis, who portrays the character's adult counterpart.[34] When asked if the group's survival would depend on their gender, Thatcher replied, "I think naturally, especially at such a young age, women are more emotionally intelligent. So to turn into that cannibalistic mindset ... it maybe took them longer just because I think women are smarter than men. But I think that's it. Besides that, there's no difference. They're going to go batshit crazy."[41]

Casting for the second season began in mid-2022. In August 2022, Lauren Ambrose and Simone Kessell joined the cast to play the adult versions of Van and Lottie; their roles were also upped from recurring to series regulars.[51][52] Elijah Wood and Nuha Jes Izman were also added to the cast in season-long recurring guest roles,[53][54] while Kevin Alves's role as teenage Travis was upped from recurring to series regular.[55] Wood will play Walter, "new citizen detective who is not represented by a younger self on the show".[56] Jason Ritter, who is married to Melanie Lynskey, guest stars in one episode of the second season.[57]

In January 2023, Variety reported that Keeya King, who played teen Akilah in season one, had exited the series. Her role was recast with Nia Sondaya. Nicole Maines was cast as Lisa, an associate of adult Lottie attempting to recover from past trauma. Additionally, François Arnaud will guest-star in four episodes portraying Paul. His character is described as "a New York writer and secret boyfriend of Coach Scott (Steven Kreuger) who reminds Coach Scott of what might have been".[58] 041b061a72


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