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Word of the Day June 14, 2023

"Success without duplication is merely future failure in disguise." We know that we should begin our WERK with the end in mind. I have a family friend that ran a major construction company. She said that her predecessor asked her, "What is your exit strategy?" We often make plans to succeed, but we don't think about, or plan, the next phase after success. Learning to duplicate yourself means others can do the WERK and be successful too.

Duplication frees you up to move on to a new challenge to overcome. Duplication also ensures that your WERK will continue. Remember when your parents gave you more responsibilities. If done well, that freed up time and resources for them to do other things. My middle daughter is 15 and just received her driver's permit. The task of driving to the store can be handed off to her.

When it comes to my businesses, I document my WERK. It seems like it takes longer to do this process, but it ensures that I can hand over my WERK if anyone decides they want to buy what I have built. How have you duplicated your WERK?

Share your duplication success.

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