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Iec 60038 Pdf Free 20

The APD-D series Automatic Pressurization Dehydrator is designed for reliable pressurization of elliptical waveguide, coaxial cable and rigid transmission line systems. Dry pressurized air in the distribution system ensures that condensation is avoided and optimal system performance is achieved.The dehydrator includes a self-contained completely automated air drying system that utilizes a pressure swing moisture adsorption cycle to provide pressurized dry air while continuously purging the collected moisture to the atmosphere. This eliminates the need for replacement or manual reactivation of the desiccant and makes our APD-D series dehydrators ideal for unattended operation, even at remote sites.The dehydration system is completely automatic, with no need for periodic media replacement or reactivation. These units are capable of years of trouble-free service when properly installed, operated and maintained.An internal check valve guarantees that the customer system stays isolated from the dehydrator's internal system when the dehydrator is not actively operating. A USB port offers the ability to enable options, update configurations and download operating data in the field for easy upgrade, maintenance and troubleshooting.The alarm port consists of electrically isolated 1 Form C relay contacts that can be used for both local and/or remote monitoring/alarming. Additional standard features include a 0-103 kPa (0-15 psig) pressure gauge and indicating LED lights.The units may be shelf mounted or placed in a 19"" EIA relay rack. A Wall/Rack mount is available as an optional accessory.

iec 60038 pdf free 20

1) All specifiactions at 23C (73F) and 50% relative humidity at mean sea level (MSL) unless otherwise noted.2) For indoor use only. IEC 60721-3-3 Class 3k3 (temperature-controlled locations, humidity not controlled)absolute Humidity AH 25 g/m (0.00156 lb/ft) @ 29.4C (85F) => 85 % relative humidity RHabsolute Humidity AH 25 g/m (0.00156 lb/ft) @ 40C (104F) => 48.8 % relative humidity RH3) Tubing used must be polyurethane (durometer 95A), polyethylene (durometer 440), or nylon (durometer 500)4) Voltage source per IEC 60038 (1/N/PE)*** Not for use with North American 240VAC service ***5) Electrical supply circuit must retain within operating voltage specifications at all times.6) Lower Operating Pressure set to 3.4 kPa (0.5 psig). Low Pressure alarm set to 1.7 kPa (0.25 psig)


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