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Buy Recycled Paper Online

When you consider how many pages come out of your company's copiers every week, doesn't it make sense to buy recycled copy paper? By choosing recycled copy paper and other post consumer recycled paper products from Limited Papers, you are lessening the impact on both forests and landfills, and sending your customers and clients a positive message about your responsibility and attention to detail.

buy recycled paper online


All Elements recycled paper is acid- and chlorine-free, Green-E certified, and manufactured using water power. The Elements line, which comprises text and cover weight paper and several styles of envelopes, contains 20 percent post-consumer recycled paper materials. This line is just one of many types of recycled copy paper from Strathmore. Other companies that produce eco-friendly products containing post-consumer recycled paper include Beckett, Via, Cougar, Fox River, Opus and Passport, among others. In fact, Limited Papers offers more than 1,200 items containing post consumer recycled paper, so you're sure to find exactly the product that meets your needs.

To submit your order or request further information, please call (800) 797-7022 or send an email to We can also be reached at our warehouse: Limited Papers, Inc., 67 34th Street, 4th Floor, Brooklyn, NY, 11232, or by fax at (718) 499-5735

These hard-working paper towels absorb spills quickly, even when wet - and give you one more way to reduce your household's impact on the environment. Unbleached, 100% Recycled, Minimum 80% Post-Consumer Recycled Content; No dyes, inks or fragrances.

The George Washington Ecosystems Enhancement Strategy, which was released last month, calls for the university to source products that reduce the impact on biodiversity, climate and water. As a large urban university, GW purchases a significant volume of products to support its faculty, staff and student community. Sourcing raw material inputs, processing and manufacturing paper and transporting it to GW impacts natural, human and economic capital on a global scale. In addition to the sustainable paper procurement initiative, eco-friendly procurement strategies will be developed for electronics and water by 2015.

To help offices choose which paper is best for them, a balanced scorecard tool for paper purchasing has been created that provides users with additional information on environmental and social characteristics of paper processing so that the purchase decision can be made on sustainability attributes in addition to traditionally used price and quality dimensions. The scorecard evaluates paper products by economic, environmental and social factors, such as meeting fair labor standards.

As tax season wraps up, it's time to get your financial documents in order. Keep your financial records up to date throughout the year with the right financial software for your personal or company finances. Making sure that your office is well stocked with the necessary tax envelopes and forms to get your employees or contract workers their paperwork as soon as possible. See how Staples can help you prepare for your taxes:

Manage the day-to-day office correspondence smoothly with a wide selection of business envelopes, inter-office envelopes, and catalog envelopes in the mailroom. Have finger pads and envelope moisteners on hand for speedy document collation and a quick seal. Choose security envelopes for confidential office correspondence and inter-office communications. If your office or organization sends out large mailings, consider a paper folding machine and self-sealing envelopes to increase efficiency.

In your home office, make sure to have a comfortable set up that's built with you in mind. Select an ergonomic office chair or gaming chair, and browse our selection of sit and stand desks for a convertible work area. Add an extra computer monitor to your set up, and choose from our wide selection of mice and keyboards. And don't forget to stock up on office supplies. From notebooks and copy paper, to pens and highlighters, Staples offers flexible AutoRestock options on all the basics, so you can get supplies shipped to your door without having to remember to order.

// A recycled paper button in light brown tones. This faux horn style button has variegated patterns throughout in dark brown and ecru. A matt 4-hole button with a 2mm deep rim on the face and a curved reverse with "recycled paper" embossed. This button is OEKO-TEX 100 Certified and is made in Italy. A classic button perfect for trousers, coats, skirts, DIY projects and accessories.

A range of matching fine Recycled Papers from Australian and overseas mills. Ranging from light office paper weight through to card weight. Most papers also have matching envelopes. Use recycled paper and save trees, water and energy, and reduce paper waste.

EPA designated the following paper products under the Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines (CPG) program to promote the use of materials recovered from municipal solid waste (MSW). Recycled-content recommendations for each item are listed below.

Printing and writing papers comprise one of the largest categories of paper and paper products. Examples include copier paper, stationery, computer printout, offset paper and note pads. Printing and writing paper can be either coated or uncoated.

Most of these items can be made from a variety of printing and writing papers, depending on the performance characteristics of the item. Some of the papers are a commodity-type and some are specialty papers. EPA recommends that procuring agencies determine the performance characteristics required of the paper prior to establishing minimum content standards. Bond, ledger or stationery made from cotton fiber paper or a text & cover paper, for example, have different characteristics than similar items made from commodity papers.

The Report on the Availability of Printing and Writing Papers Listed in the CPG Paper RMAN fulfills the requirement in the implementing instructions of Executive Order 13423, March 29, 2007, for EPA to report to the Federal Environmental Executive on the availability of printing and writing paper with recycled content. This report can serve as a good resources to those looking to buy recycled-content paper.

Newsprint is a type of groundwood paper generally used to print newspapers. Recovered-content newsprint is usually manufactured from fiber recovered from old newspapers and magazines. The federal government uses newsprint for printing the Federal Register, Congressional Record, and other publications.

Sanitary tissue products include bathroom and facial tissue, paper towels, napkins and general-purpose industrial wipers. They are generally sold in rolls or sheets and are used in personal care, food service and cleaning applications. The grades of sanitary tissue products covered in the CPG are manufactured for use by restaurants, hotels, schools, government agencies and other similar commercial and institutional buyers. Some recycled-content sanitary tissue products are softer, stronger and more absorbent than others.

The paperboard and packaging category covers two major types of board: "containerboard" used to make corrugated shipping containers, and "paperboard" used in a wide variety of packaging applications such as folding cartons, blister cards, beverage carriers, book and report covers, mailing tubes, video cassette boxes and others.

Containerboard (corrugated board) is actually a composite paperboard made by sandwiching fluted "corrugating medium" in between layers of linerboard. Linerboard, made primarily from both virgin and recovered fiber from old corrugated containers (OCC), is used to make the inner and outer walls of a box. The inside, fluted medium layer in the middle is made from postconsumer recovered fiber from OCC, old newspapers (ONP), used office paper and mixed papers or virgin fiber.

Paperboard containing recovered fiber is a multi-ply material, formed in layers of recovered fiber. Often grey in appearance, a white top layer made from recovered office paper is often used to provide a clean printing surface. Paperboard mills use more recovered fiber than any other segment of the paper industry to manufacture a wide variety of product packaging (folding cartons), beverage carriers, mailing tubes, industrial paperboard (cores, drums, tubes, and cans), and many other items. Kraft padded mailers, Kraft bags, and wrapping paper made from OCC also fall under the packaging category.

1The recovered fiber and postconsumer fiber content is calculated from the content of each component relative to the weight each contributes to the total weight of the box.2The recommended content ranges are not applicable to all types of paperboard used in folding cartons. Cartons made from solid bleached sulfate or solid unbleached sulfate contain no or small percentages of postconsumer fiber, depending on the paperboard source.3Carrierboard made from unbleached kraft contains up to 25 percent recovered fiber, while carrierboard made from recycled paperboard contains up to 100 percent recovered fiber.

Tray liners currently are the only product in the Miscellaneous Paper category. Sometimes referred to as "doilies" or "place mats," tray liners are specialty paper items designed to line food service trays in institutional and commercial restaurants and cafeterias in schools, hospitals, prisons and private facilities.

Our wedding invitations and save the date designs are inspired by nature and customized to your special day. Our eco-friendly cards make the perfect keepsake wedding memorabilia and are available in three luxe paper options, including Premium, Double, and Triple Thick paper. You'll find all the matching day of ceremony items including wedding programs, menu cards, and thank you notes. Work with one of our friendly wedding consultants to help customize colors so they match your wedding theme, adjust layouts, or add additional information to your cards. This is all done before you even order with our free designer assistance. If you need inspiration for wedding etiquette, wedding reception ideas, and wedding timelines, we've put together wedding planning tips from experts. We also have some expert tips about Wedding Planning during COVID-19 including what to include on a wedding invitation or save the date card. 041b061a72


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