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our guide zoufalia is an international national, a professional skier from lebanon, an athlete that has been competing in various regional and international competitions. with her energy and enthusiasm, she skis slowly uphill to the next ridge. we are lucky to follow her with our cameras.

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before the adventure began, we had to go to the mountain and take photos of the 16 seven-meter ropes that will hold our way up and off. the equipment consists of a two-pole rented skis and bindings, our sleeping bags, a tent and a camera and recorder. the following day, we will meet again to ski down.

cabinets that are cleared to allow the fireplace to be added are worth considering as these often store the gas supply. gas fires provide heat and radiate the heat upwards so that a long fire is easy to light and easy to keep burning. electric fires have a heating element, which is easily damaged when accidentally hit by something and/or tipped over.

for safety reasons, make sure there is a child or pet-safe area nearby. the ideal solution is to put a dog-lift next to the fire. a great dog-lift is the europeta, which is a simple metal construction designed with extreme safety.

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