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Drag Racing Game

Our intense collection of car racing games features the fastest vehicles in the world. This is your chance to sit in the driver's seat of a Formula 1 racer or NASCAR stock car. You can compete against virtual racing champions and real players from around the world. Speed across oval tracks, drag strips, twisting courses, and abandoned highways to win the gold medal. There's no room for trucks, ATVs, or motorcycles here; only the swiftest cars are allowed!

drag racing game

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Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and other world-class vehicles are at your disposal. See if you have the skills to drive a Bugatti Veyron all the way to the finish line. Or, enter a street car racing tournament with Japanese imports. Real techniques, such as drifting through tight turns, will help you maintain top speed. In NASCAR races, you can draft behind opponents before passing them. Enjoy the luxury of automatic transmission, or take control of the gearshift and accelerate faster than ever before in our car racing games.

The starts of the game are, of course, the driver cards. I believe when the game was originally released, you would only get the Pro Stock drivers and the others were expansions you could buy. Zyla graciously gives you all three.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then youshould wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

Xbox players can enjoy some of the most visually breathtaking and fast-paced games with an amazing selection of cars. Players with a love for speeding and unique designs can build and fine-tune all kinds of rides and compete in some of the most iconic cities around the world or go on realistic off-road adventures.

Xbox gamers can get immersed in meticulously detailed open-world racing games while learning new skills, improving their reflexes, and boosting their creativity by building and decorating unique cars. Players can explore all kinds of dragsters in beloved classics as well as new and imaginative racing games that'll challenge and push even the most experienced players to their limits.

Updated January 22, 2023, by Via Erhard: Drag racing fans can go on epic adventures while playing solo or with their friends and family and race against some of the fastest cars of all time. Players can not only explore immersive and highly realistic racing tracks and various cities around the planet but also learn about cars and auto mechanics in greater detail.

These new skills can help gamers build the perfect drag racing cars and win their races while also giving them essential life skills and deepening their knowledge about how their cars function in real life. However, gamers can also try and build futuristic cars and some of the most iconic vintage racing cars ever created.

The players of Asphalt 9: Legends will be transported into a beautifully designed and action-packed gaming world in which they can collect and customize legendary cars including Ferraris and Porsches. This beautiful free-to-play racing game has various events including drag racing ones.

Monster Truck Championship transports its players into the highly competitive and challenging world of monster truck racers. Players will be able to choose from sixteen gigantic and customizable trucks and test their drag racing skills in over twenty arenas while learning how to tune and master their powerful trucks.

This surprisingly relaxing and fun sim racing game is one of the most fun drag racing games on Xbox that also teaches its players about how monster trucks function in real life. Players will get a chance to perform stunning tricks and jumps and test their skills against other players during various online competitions.

Street Outlaws: The List is a perfect choice for those drag racing game fans who love vintage cars and street racing games with hundreds of customizable car parts. Players can use their creativity while building and customizing their racers to create the perfect car and earn the respect of other players as well as their spot on The List.

Players will have to do their best and deepen their knowledge about drag races if they want to become one of the ten best racers in Oklahoma City. Street Outlaws: The List has a colorful and fun design and players can also try its local multiplayer mode and the game's various challenges. It's a great choice for beginners and more experienced gamers and is especially a great choice for those who love retro-style games.

Thanks to GRID Autosport gamers can not only experience some of the most thrilling drag races of their lives but can become pro-racers and learn how to drive a hundred different types of gorgeously detailed cars by popular brands including McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, and Ford.

Players will be also able to get fully immersed in the world of this realistic racing game and explore dozens of beautifully designed circuits. GRID Autosport is one of the most authentic sim racing games with a challenging and fun career mode and is a great choice for beginners and more advanced gamers alike who want to experience what real races must feel like.

IHRA Drag Racing 2 is one of the oldest retro drag racing games that's still a lot of fun for beginners and experienced gamers alike. While it's undoubtedly not one of the most exciting games when it comes to actual racing it is the best choice for those gamers who especially enjoy building their rides.

Players can fully customize iconic cars of the 50s and 90s like Chevy and Camaro and can modify and fine-tune them as they wish. In their shop, gamers can use their creativity and racing knowledge to create the most powerful drag racers, similar to how actual racing teams do it in real-world competitions. While it's not one of the most visually impressive and detailed games, it is still one of the most immersive engine sims that'll help its players learn how these cars are built in real life.

NHRA Championship Drag Racing: Speed For All is one of the most exciting and beautiful drag racing games. It's a great choice for players who love street racing games and would love to try a game in which they can experience what it's like to be a part of a professional racing team for a change.

This realistic sim drag racing game immerses its players in epic competitions during which they'll have to learn new tricks and use their skills to come up with new strategies. Players will also have to learn how to fine-tune their cars and beat the other players during difficult competitions to become the Champion. Players can choose to step into the shoes of one of the thirty top NHRA drivers and show what they're capable of on real-world tracks while getting an authentic experience thanks to this physics-based drag racer.

Dirt Rally 2.0 is a free-to-play Xbox One racing game that's also one of the most visually gorgeous drag racers. Players can enjoy some of the best vehicle customization options in games while racing through some of the most iconic real-life rally locations around the world. Gamers can choose from over fifty of the most powerful off-road racers ever made while driving around in Spain, Australia, and the USA.

This immersive off-road sim racer will teach its players not only about rally racing but also about how to use their instincts and how to build teams, strategies, and cars that are capable of winning Championships. While it's a more difficult racing game it's definitely worth the while since players are fully immersed in some of the most breathtaking and atmospheric locations around the world.

Forza Horizon 2 is another older racer that's still one of the most beloved games in the series. The new Forza Horizon 5 was one of the best multiplayer games of 2021 and was taking fans around Mexico. Thanks to FH2, fans could drive around in Italy while enjoying the game's stunning open world.

The Crew is one of the most visually striking racing games with amazing lore. This massively multiplayer lets its players race through the US while exploring the game's massive and meticulously detailed open world. Players will get to visit some of the most iconic US locations including New York, Miami, and LA while learning how to fine-tune and build teams to win competitions.

What makes the game even more exciting is the intense rivalry between teams and the wide variety of terrains including canyons, hillsides, and even desert dunes. Players will also have to try and escape the police while also collecting parts to be able to customize and improve their rides and driving style.

Need for Speed: ProStreet became one of the most iconic games in the franchise and is one of the best Need For Speed games of all time. While this game is not without its failures it's also one of the most realistic ones, and it immerses its players in thrilling real-life-like competitions.

Thanks to this classic street racer players can show what they're capable of not only during drag races but in all kinds of similarly stimulating racing styles like drift. Players also get to build their rides while using real-world parts as well as see the devastating effects of wrong moves and decisions thanks to Need for Speed: ProStreet's brilliant damage-capturing technology.

The career mode in NHRA Championship Drag Racing: Speed For All is where I spent most of my time, and rightfully so. The game started me out as a rookie contender with minimal experience, low-end equipment, and even less financial ability to change the circumstances in an expedited fashion.

As I stated earlier, my knowledge of NHRA drag racing is limited, so the career mode begins with a solid set of tutorials explaining the sport and its nuances, and then it allowed me to apply my new knowledge on the track without major consequences.

The most significant turning point in career mode was gaining knowledge and experience and understanding how to apply both to each race session. As I slowly gained an understanding of how and when to repair my dragster, and more importantly how to get the perfect jump off the starting line and hit my shifts on a consistent basis, the game as a whole started to make sense to me, and the results on the track began to improve. 041b061a72


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