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[S1E6] From Sweden With Love

Love Me is a Warner Bros. International Television Production Australia production in association with Aquarius Films for the FOXTEL Group. Major production investment from Screen Australia and financed with support from Film Victoria through production investment and the Regional Location Assistance Fund. The series will be produced by Angie Fielder and Polly Staniford (Aquarius Films) and Executive Produced by Michael Brooks and Hamish Lewis (Warner Bros.) Brian Walsh, Alison Hurbert-Burns and Lana Greenhalgh (FOXTEL Group).[7]

[S1E6] From Sweden with Love

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When he falls in love with Simon -- a boy -- it's scandalous. Granted that Sweden is a very progressive country, the monarchy has not progressed so much. His parents deny that they are against this relationship because Simon is a boy.

Wilhelm suffers from the lack of parental support that many other people take for granted. To talk to his mother, he has to seek an audience with the entire Royal Court. He has to go through people like Jan-Olof, who decide whether his concerns are important enough to escalate to the queen.

His friendship with August takes a hit. When he graduates from Prince Wilhelm to Crown Prince Wilhelm, those close to him start treating him differently. They stop seeing him less and less as a friend and a means to an end.

He was born into a noble family known as Horn of Årnäs, clearly inspired by several real-life noble families called Horn in Sweden. He has inherited the estate of Årnäs from his late father, who was apparently a first cousin of the Queen. Though seen in the series as an aristocratic figure and the owner of a noble estate and an art collection, his family is struggling financially. This was shown when the headmistress told August his mother has not paid his tuition fee yet. August is reluctant to sell any part of his family estate or heirlooms due to his pride in his family. However, after he falls in love with Sara, he sells one of the valuable paintings he inherited from his father to buy the horse Rousseau for her.

At dinner time, Wilhelm initially asks August to sit with him, but tells him that first years all sit together at the end of the long table. The following day, Wilhelm joins Simon during lunch and chat with each other. Their conversation is interrupted by August, who encourages Wilhelm to move and sit next to him, claiming that he felt he had to "rescue" Wille from talking to Simon. After lunch, Simon tells him that he will bring some alcohol if he and Sara can attend the initiation party, and August accepts.

At night, he and the other boys dragged Wilhelm out his room, gagged and tied him up to a statue as they make him subject to many cruel acts of hazing that's part of the initiation. After Wilhelm gets cleaned up and the party eventually begins, and most students drinks heavily, including Wilhelm. During the height of the party, Wilhelm heads outside with Simon. After a while August comes looking for him, so they hide from him.[1]

Although they do not share much screen time together, August and Prince Erik seem to be close friends from their time together at Hillerska. August often steals the spotlight from Wilhelm when he's with Erik, like when he insisted they take a picture together, or when he stole Wille's phone to talk to Erik first. Erik, unlike Wilhelm, likes August and doesn't mind this behavior.

Principal Franklin arrives to deliver letters that Ms. Briggs' students wrote to themselves to be delivered on their 27th birthdays, including Freddie's letter despite his birthday not being for another few months. After reading his letter and realizing he's already done all the things he wanted to do as a 12-year-old, he decides to return to acting like his younger self for a short while. He shows up at Carly's party with two friends, and starts doing things that would be frowned upon as an adult, like drinking champagne right from the bottles on the tower, and vomiting on people. Millicent is eventually inspired to make her own letter to herself, but makes a video on her phone instead of making a written letter.

Harper meets her idol, Alexavier, at Skybucks. However, she is too nervous to talk to him so she has to write words to him using chalkboards. She tells Spencer about what happened, and Spencer tells her that he has known Alexavier for a long time and could invite him to Carly's surprise party to give Harper another chance. He shows up right after she makes Carly's bubble wrap dress and she freezes up again. She also tries reading a sentence from a card that she wrote, with mixed success. Eventually, after Freddie vomits on Alexavier, she brings him to her apartment and plays a pre-recorded message on her phone explaining why she cannot talk to him. He encourages Harper to finally tell him that she made Carly's bubble wrap dress. Since Freddie ruined his other shirt, Harper makes him a suit out of bubble wrap. 041b061a72


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